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Muchas gracias Espania !!

The crowd in Barcelona jumping to the song "Pair Dadeni"

Posted by Official SuidAkrA on Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015



20 years anniversary shirts

20 years anniversary shirt

Available in ourWebshop !



Sunstorm Festival confirmed!

We're gonna play the Sunstorm Festival in Nordheim on 10th July.

Sunstorm Festival 2015



Thorhammer Fest 2015 confirmed !!!

Three years after our last visit in Brazil in 2012, we're going to return
and play at the Thorhammer Fest again.

See all you crazy Brazilian Headbangers in August!!

Thorhammer Fest 2015



Spain Tour 2015 confirmed !!!

Hola amigos, we are happy to announce that we're confirmed to play a mini tour
in Spain this year.
We're looking forward to return to Spain after our last appearance in 2011.

Here are the dates:
24 September - Madrid
25 September - Malaga
26 September - Zaragoza
27 September - Valencia

We can't wait to meet some Suidakra friends again. See you in September \m/

Spain Tour 2015



Album title revealed

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next SuidAkrA album title will be:

Realms Of Odoric
(named after and based on the project of Kris Verwimp and Arkadius)

We're looking forward to start the songwriting for the 12th SuidAkrA album in January!

Realms Of Odoric



More shows for 2015



New show for 2015

We will perfom at Ragnarock Open Air 2015!




First show in Romania...

For the first time in SuidAkrA's history we'll gonna play a show in
Romania! We sure looking forward to this, especially because we're going
to share the stage with our friends Perzonal War!!



Emprise To Avalon Re-Release

"Emprise To Avalon" (Release date: 25th July 2014)

New cover painted by Kris Verwimp himself!

1. Darkane Times (5:48)
2. Dinas Emrys (1:45)
3. Pendragon's Fall (5:32)
4. The Highking (4:00)
5. The Spoil Of Annwn (1:48)
6. The Quest (5:19)
7. And The Giants Dance... (5:14)
8. Song Of The Graves (5:13)
9. Still The Pipes Are Calling (5:18)

Bonus Tracks

10. Darkane Times - Live Version (6:11)
11. Pendragon's Fall - Live Version (4:54)
12. The Spoil Of Annwn - 2014 Version (1:37)



Indien tour rescheduled

Due to the elections by the Govt. of India in April we were forced to reschedule
the tour for the Wacken Metal Battles in India.

The new dates are:

May 17th - Kolkata (Preliminary),
May 18th - Guwahati (Preliminary),
May 22nd - Mumbai (Preliminary),
May 23rd - Hyderabad (Preliminary),
May 24th - Chennai & Bangalore (Preliminary),
May 25th - Bangalore (National Finals)

Here is the new promotional text:
For the first time ever, Germany and India have come together to do something
which has never been done before, a cultural exchange program featuring music
in the form of heavy metal. In May 2014 History will be written. We will be back
to India with a big bang and will be a part of the Wacken Metal Battle India tour.
A tour of this magnitude will be the first time ever by an International band
which has played in India.

This project is in cooperation between different organizations. The promoters of
the Wacken Open Air festival, the promoters of the Bangalore Open Air festival and
Goethe-Institut Bangalore. The tour is also supported by the Wacken Foundation.



New show confirmed

On the May, 4th we will return to Istanbul (Turkey) to perform at the
Headbangers Weekend Festival together with Children Of Bodom, Epica & more



Wacken Metal Battle India

SuidAkrA are going to be the first international act to have the great honour
to make a whole tour across India by headlining the worldwide event
Wacken Metal Battle. We're so looking forward to it!!!

Promo Trailer:

The official statement:
"They came to India back in 2012 to give the Indians a taste of some German Folk
metal and we sure relished the treat. But it looks like there is no getting enough
of these melodic metal paragons. Yes, metelheads. Be ready to be blown away yet
again as the legendary SuidAkrA hit your cities this summer!
Bang your heads to their exemplary glory and open up some sweaty moshpits as
SuidAkrA tour not just two, or three, but a stupefying SIX different cities across
the country.
SuidAkrA are going to headline the Wacken Metal Battle, a competition which happens
in 30 countries where one band gets an opportunity to play at the legendary Wacken Festival.
A tour of this magnitude will be the first ever by an International band touring India.
This is certainly a history in the making for the Indian Metal community and also a blue
print for bands who plan to do a tour of India. This tour is also supported by
Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore"



New booking agency

Read their announcement here:

"We are proud to announce that from now on SuidAkra is part of the All
Access Entertainment Family!
The band around mastermind Arkadius Antonik released 11 albums to date
and played festivals,tours and shows arround the world.
With ass kickin Celtic Metal in it´s best they know how to do their way.
Welcome on board Guys.
For upcoming Shows, feel free to contact us!"



Washburn endorsement

Arkadius joined the Washburn Parallaxe artist family this week.
He will be playing a PXS20EC. Pictures will follow shortly...



Bye bye Heidenfest

The tour is over. 17 amazing shows full of Metal!
We would like to thank everyone, who was involved in that adventure: our bus driver, the crew & techs,
all bands and of course everyone who came to the shows.
We met a lot old friends and welcomed a lot of new friends in the SuidAkrA family. Thanks a lot for that.
We hope to meet you soon again!



Wacken Open Air 2013


Yes folks, we'll replace Crematory at Wacken. Taking their slot on Saturday 02:00h - 03:00h !!!

Here's the official statement:
"Last minute replacement: The German Celtic metallers Suidakra will play the former Crematory slot.
Crematory had to cancel their show short dated."



Australian & Japan release

The very first Suidakra Australian Release!!!

We are happy to announce that our latest album will be released in
Australia mid July via TRUTH INC RECORDS.

Here's the official statement:

"TRUTH INC RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of German folk /
death metal act SUIDAKRA. The label will be releasing the bands epic new
album ETERNAL DEFIANCE in mid July.
Commenting on the signing TRUTH INC RECORDS manager and founder Greg Shaw
states "SUIDAKRA are bringing something very exciting to the label,
broadening the dynamic of the range the label offers. They are a band that
capture a sound that is incredibly epic and equally offer the best of a
range of heavy music forms, from death and thrash through to black metal.
What the band has achieved with Eternal Defiance is massive in scale, if
Game of Thrones featured a metal band, it would sound like SUIDAKRA!"
Truth Inc Records

Furthermore we have some news from Red Rivet Records concerning the Japan
release of "Eternal Defiance"!!

"Finally, SuidAkrA - Eternal Defiance Japan edition is going to release
on 13th July ! 2 bonus tracks and Jewel case version. Limited to 500copies."
Red Rivet Records



Heidenfest Tour News

There 2 new show, one gig got rescheduled and the bands for the
"extended shows" are confirmed. ---> Heidenfest 2013 Flyer

Here are the final dates:

20.09.2013 Leipzig (DE) - Hellraiser
21.09.2013 Giessen (DE) - Hessenhallen *Extended*
22.09.2013 Antwerp (BE) - Trix *Extended*
23.09.2013 Paris (FR) - Bataclan
24.09.2013 Saarbrücken (DE) - Garage
25.09.2013 Milano (IT) - Live Club
26.09.2013 Lausanne (CH) - Docks
27.09.2013 Geiselwind (DE) - Musichall *Extended*
28.09.2013 München (DE) - Backstage *Extended*
29.09.2013 Pratteln (CH) - Z7
30.09.2013 Hamburg (DE) - Markthalle
01.10.2013 Berlin (DE) - Postbahnhof
02.10.2013 Zlin (CZ) - Masters of Rock Cafe /without Ensiferum
03.10.2013 Wien (AT) - Arena
04.10.2013 Stuttgart (DE) - LKA Longhorn *Extended*
05.10.2013 Oberhausen (DE) - Turbinenhalle *Extended*
06.10.2013 Tilburg (NL) - O13 *Extended*



Behind the music

Just 2 days left 'til the release of "Eternal Defiance"! As an appetiser we've made a track-by-track
video for you guys, where Arkadius listen to the songs with you and tells a bit about the lyrics and the
songwriting process.



SuidAkrA & Legacy


LEGACY #84 with 2 CDs
* LEGACY-Sampler-CD with 19 tracks by labelbands and unsigned hopefulls, including the new AMON AMARTH titletrack 'Deceiver Of The Gods'
* EXCLUSIVE SUIDAKRA-EP in a jewelcase with 7 new and rare songs
* 276 pages
* plus 4 posters (Amorphis, Extremefest, Hypocrisy, My Dying Bride)



March Of Conquest Videoclip



New webshop

The new official SuidAkrA Webshop is finally online!
So make sure to take look and grab yourself the limited edition of the
Eternal Defiance special package. (limited to 100 copies)



European tour

We're happy to announce that we'll be joining the Heidenfest Tour this year.
Sharing the stages with Equilibrium, Turisas & Ensiferum!

Here are the dates so far:

20.09.2013 Leipzig (DE) - Hellraiser
21.09.2013 Giessen (DE) - Hessenhallen *Extended*
22.09.2013 Antwerp (BE) - Trix *Extended*
23.09.2013 Paris (FR) - Bataclan
24.09.2013 Saarbrücken (DE) - Garage
25.09.2013 Milano (IT) - Live Club
26.09.2013 Wien (AT) - Arena
27.09.2013 Geiselwind (DE) - Musichall *Extended*
28.09.2013 München (DE) - Backstage *Extended*
29.09.2013 Pratteln (CH) - Z7
30.09.2013 Hamburg (DE) - Markthalle
01.10.2013 Berlin (DE) - Postbahnhof
04.10.2013 Stuttgart (DE) - LKA Longhorn *Extended*
05.10.2013 Oberhausen (DE) - Turbinenhalle *Extended*
06.10.2013 Tilburg (NL) - O13 *Extended*



Inner Sanctum Videoclip



Eternal Defiance - Trailer II

The second album trailer:




Ladies and Gentlemen, the frontcover of Eternal Defiance !!





"Eternal Defiance" (Release date 24th May 2013)

01. Storming the Walls
02. Inner Sanctum
03. Beneath the Red Eagle
04. March of Conquest
05. Pair Dadeni
06. The Mindsong
07. Rage for Revenge
08. Dragon's Head
09. Defiant Dreams
10. Damnatio Memoriae

Bonus Track
11. Mrs McGrath

At the beginning of the next week we'll reveal the frontcoverartwork!



Release date & new webshop

The official release date of our new album "Eternal Defiance" is set!!
-= 24th May 2013 =-

Furthermore we're gonna relaunch the official SuidAkrA webshop for you,
where you'll have the opportunity to pre-order the new album & a special edition package.



Album recordings finished

We're back from the studio. Everything went perfect and the release date
of our new record "Eternal Defiance" will be may 2013.

Check out the first trailer:

More infos and pictures will follow soon!


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