Book Of Dowth
Lyrical Concept

(2011, AFM Records)
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Inspired by the darker side of Celtic lore, the concept of “Book Of Dowth” chronicles the mythology of a mysterious race of demonic beings known as the “Fomor”. Starting with the discovery of an ancient book at the excavation of Dowth ( a Neolithic passage tomb in the Boyne Valley, Ireland ), it unveils the yet untold story of the rise and fall of the Fomorian horde throughout history and far, far beyond…

Over Nine Waves
According to Irish mythology, the Otherworld islands lie "beyond the ninth wave", a wave greater than any wave preceding it. A powerful culmination of sea and wind. There is no greater force…

Dowth 2059
In the near future, an ancient book is found at the archaeological excavation of Dowth (also known as “Dubhadh”, the fairy mound of darkness).
The book is encased in a heavy book-shrine, a “Cúhmdagh”, covered with strange Celtic symbols. There is an old belief that if such a book were ever unclosed from its shrine, deaths and disasters would ensue.
Fallen victim to his curiosity, an archaeology student opens the case without permission and takes a peak inside the book. Fascinated, he starts reading the yet unknown tales. But while reading, the pages are starting to deteriorate… A strange chemical reaction releases hallucinogenic damps and odours. While quickly reading as much as he can before the book is entirely gone, the student starts seeing visions from the past as if in a waking dream…

When Nemedian settlers arrived in Erin, they encountered an ancient race of hideous creatures who called themselves “Fomorians”. They claimed to have been there since the beginning of time…
Numerous battles were fought against the Fomorian hordes. Pillars of stones were erected for each fallen warrior, until the planes were crowded with them. In the end, only thirty Nemedians remained alive.
Utterly defeated, they fled from Erin in but one single ship.

Biróg's Oath
Only one Nemedian druid remained behind, while his people fled from Erin after their defeat against the Fomorian warlord named “Morc”.
A “Leanan Sidhe” (a cursed wandering spirit) named “Biróg” came to him and tried to seduce him, but he refused her and thus she was bound by her geasa to become his servant. With her help he crafted a book of dark spells that contained all the names of the Fomorians and that had the power of putting their mortal consciousness to rest in a world of bliss beneath the waves, while their evil souls would remain captured within the book...
Thus, the Fomorian threat was put to rest. In the end, the druid fell in love with Biróg and she fed on his life-essence until his death.
After his demise, Birog buried the book in an ancient tomb.

Mag Mell
The Fomorians remained in human guise in the Otherworld called “Mag Mell” ("plain of joy"), unaware of the druid’s spell that had put them there. This Otherworld was a place where sickness and death did not exist, a place of eternal youth and beauty. Here, music, strength, life and all pleasurable pursuits came together and happiness lasted forever. But slowly, the evil essence contained in the book started trying to find ways to escape its prison…

In the meantime, hundreds of years passed.
The “Fir Bolg”, a new wave of settlers, arrived in Erin. Without the Fomorian presence, they lived on Erin in peace for many years. But then the “Tuatha De Danann”, descendants of the thirty surviving Nemedians, returned to claim the Island.
After the Fir Bolg were defeated at the first battle of Moytirra, the Tuatha De Danann divided Erin amongst themselves...

The Dark Mound
When a plague killed almost all the cattle of the land, the people of the Tuatha De Danann called for the help of the druid “Bresal Bó-Díbad”.
Bresal went inside a tomb to pray to the elder gods for help.
However, his prayers were answered by the evil essence of the Fomorians, trapped within the book that was buried there. Possessed by the demonic presence, Bresal asked the people to vow to work for him for one day to build a huge tower to favour the gods.
He then summoned his sister who was a powerful sorceress and made her cast a spell to stop the sun at its summit. Thus, he tricked the people to work for him until the Fomorian tower of strength was finished.
But when the Fomorians saw his sister, they were overcome with lust and they used Bresal to force themselves upon her.
This terrible deed caused the spell to break, and darkness fell over the land. The people instantly returned to their homes and left the tower unfinished. From that day on, the name of the tomb would be “Dubhadh” (darkness).

A Fir Bolg called” Umór” sought revenge on the Tuatha De Danann for destroying his village and murdering his family during their invasion of Erin.
Lying wounded on the battlefield, he cried out in hate.
Freed from her curse, but still wandering the earth in search of a companion, Biróg answered his call... She told him of a way to destroy the Tuatha De Danann...
Together they went to Dowth to retrieve the book that Biróg buried there after the death of the last Nemedian druid, more than 300 years ago...

When Umór and Biróg removed the book from the mound, “Balor”, the evil leader of the Fomorians, regained his consciousness and was re-united with his evil soul. Escaping his prison in the Otherworld beneath the waves, he was determined to reclaim Erin for his race and to rule once more...

Stone of the Seven Suns
Now that the Fomorians had returned under the leadership of Balor, the Tuatha De Danann had become an oppressed people.
Their leader, “Breas”, was even in league with the Fomorians and claimed that he himself was half Fomorian...
But then “Nuada”, their former leader, returned fully healed. Nuada had lost his arm in the first battle of Moytirra and an imperfect man could not be king according to Tuatha De Danann law. With the help of magic spells, Nuada had acquired a new arm made of silver and thus was whole again.
The people dethroned Breas in favour of Nuada. Breas then went to Balor for aid and returned with a massive army of Fomorians.
But Umór, who had used the book to free the Fomorians, witnessed the suffering of the women and children caused by his actions, and decided that he had been wrong to seek revenge.
He put the book back into its Cúhmdagh and buried it under a stone at Dowth with the mark of seven suns on it. This was the stone with the power to call the Fomorian’s evil souls back to its prison inside the book.
Thus, the Fomorians were defeated by the Tuatha De Danann in the second battle of Moytirra .Their mortal bodies were slain, while their evil souls were trapped in the book once more. The few surviving Fomorians returned to Tory Island, where they would wither and die without their evil souls…

Fury Fomoraigh
Now that the book of Dowth has been uncovered and opened by the archaeology student, the evil souls of the Fomorians are once again unleashed upon the earth in full force.
Seeking revenge for their imprisonment through human actions, they will invade the thoughts of men and will find new mortal bodies to possess. Ultimately, they will do everything in their power to destroy human civilisation and reclaim the earth.

Otherworlds Collide
4 billion years into the future, a scorched planet earth orbits a dying sun. The only remaining beings are the Fomorians. Because the powers of the book have separated their evil souls from their mortal bodies, they are unable to get into the Otherworld.
In an ultimate act of evil, they weave a spell to make all Otherworlds collide, thus creating an implosion that will end the entire universe and create a new one…

by Kris Verwimp

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